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“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” Winston S. Churchill

Welcome to Sunrise Stud, specializing in Dressage & Sales 

Located in Colts Neck, NJ with close ties to Europe, Sunrise Stud, Inc. is a private organization that is engaged in several equine activities. 

  • Offering training and dressage lessons - designed to fit the skill level of the rider and horse
  • Providing breeding services - small scale breeding program and promoting the SWB breed and the Swedish Warmblood Association breeding and training programs.
  • Sales - offering an inventory of US and European based horses for sale. 
  • Data and Statistics - providing relevant sport horse industry data and statistics. Detailed information about the sales horses health, performance, training and owner history.


Proudly host a premiere Inspection weekend

Combined with a Gail Hoff dressage clinic!


are happy to announce that we will be hosting yet another 

Swedish Warmblood Inspection on Sunday, September 15th, 2019.

In addition, to help prepare your horse for the inspection, or just to take a dressage lesson, 

we are delighted to announce that GAIL HOFF will be available, September 13-15 to conduct a clinic.

All horses, irrespective of breed, and all level of riders are welcome to participate!

Please mark your calendars and save the date for this fun filled, and informative weekend!

Auditors welcome!

Calendar of Events as follows:


Friday, September 13th, 2019

All day riding with Gail Hoff

This is a wonderful opportunity to clinic with Gail, and take advantage of her extraordinary expertise.

Private Sessions: $175 ( $200 for non-boarders)


Saturday, September 14th, 2019

Half day riding clinic with Gail

In the afternoon Gail will discuss how to show your horse under saddle, as well as in hand to the inspectors.

She will discuss both of these topics from the point of view of a presenter, as well as that of a judge.

Demonstrations will be presented.


Sunday, September 15th, 2019

Inspection time! (Gail will also be available throughout the day for riding sessions)

Having your Sport Horse inspected, regardless of breed or age, can be very useful in your further endeavors 

with your horse. SWANA has opened the inspection, and welcomes any horse and rider 

for the Riding Horse Test of the Inspection, and undergo an evaluation by our top judges from Sweden. 

This is such a fun and educational way of showing your horse!

We also welcome young stallions from other warmblood breed registries to be evaluated, 

either as a pre-breed (1-4 years of age), or for a full stallion evaluation.

Stalls and Handlers available.

Gail Hoff, Owner and Director of Los Alamos Dressage Center, is a USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist. She is a senior "S" Dressage Judge, a registered "R" Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Judge, FEI Grand Prix trainer and coach, as well as retired competitor who travels nationally to judge top rated dressage shows. Her farm was the first dressage farm on the East Coast.

Gail's unique ability to quickly detect and correct training/showing problems, helps you to move through your issues, and gain a better understanding of how best to work with the bio mechanics of your horse. Her focus is on balance, harmony, and performance through the systematic steps of classical training.

Gail, a master of classical dressage, has developed a very effective system of training called "Harmonic Dressage", based on the classic Training Scale. Gail incorporates a lifetime of experience as a successful dressage judge, breeder, trainer, competitor and coach. And always provides us with informative, fun & memorable clinics.

For further information/questions, or to schedule your sessions with Gail, and to sign up for the inspection,

please contact: Jan Eisner (clinic coordinator) - email:, c: 732-915-5351

Or to sign up for the inspection through SWANA and learn more about their wonderful organization, 

here is their link:

                             The health and welfare of our horses is of primary importance to us, so please, if you are trailering in, have your UTD coggins available for us.

And as always,

 Happy Riding Everyone!

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